Dating has become a full-time job adding to our personal woes in life. Yes, I get it, we are all busy and we have to kiss a few frogs to find our prince/princess. What If I told you I can simplify this process for you? well, you're in luck! With my unique blend of old and new school values, you will understand everything from non-verbal engagement to mastering the art of conversation. For more information on my programs, you can schedule a phone session or contact me through email.  

*Note* The Art of Interaction digital content are instructional articles you can purchase on our shop page. We highly suggest you take our coaching sessions for a specific duration (three months, six months etc) so you can see your progress. For more information on the pricing of our programs, you can schedule a phone session or submit your request on our contact page.

My program includes:

  1. How to break the ice (one on one sessions teaching you how to approach him/her).

  2. The Art of flirting (Teaching you the art of flirting without being too aggressive or laid back).

  3. How to bounce back from a tough break up (Train you on different ways to get over a break up).

  4. Flirting on the dance floor (Making you the dancing king, teaching you different dance moves to improve your chances of grasping that special someone’s attention).

  5. Training sessions in Bars, Clubs, and Seminars putting your skills to the test on what you learned.

  6. Speed dating events and mixers that will help with training you on the art of indulging in conversation.

  7. Can prospect for a potential mate and break down on outings that we will be attending.