Who do you typically work with?


 I work with men and women in the same areas.


Do I really need Lifestyles Consulting?


Everyone has certain areas in their life that they are lacking. I believe everyone needs an extra boost in a specific area and my job is to motivate, plan, and execute the task of pushing you toward these goals you are trying to obtain.


Can I try it first, Do you do one time sessions ?


Yes, you will get a free consultation explaining the process of how this works. You may try each session one by one or you can pay for all the sessions at once (rates and fees will be discussed). Trying one session will still require payment, but it is definitely worth the time and energy. The best investment you can have is working on yourself.


Are you a licensed Psychiatrist or Therapist?


No, I am not a Psychiatrist, Therapist, Doctor, or anything pertaining to this. I am a consultant specializing In the specific areas stated guiding an individual to a specific goal.


Are you a matchmaker? Can you find me someone?


I am not a matchmaker, I mold an individual into a better person overall and they will journey out and find someone on their own. However, I will guide you through the dating process as far as techniques used on date nights, events etc, but If it is requested by an individual for me to find someone for them I will add this into a part of my business and take the necessary steps to seek someone for you.


What if I don't live in the area?


With the strong impact social media has in today's society it is easy to communicate through many services (Face time, Skype, etc). Even though my sessions consist of regular face to face meet ups, I also offer remote sessions to fit the consumers needs.



Is this guaranteed that this will work for me?


We all wish things in life are guaranteed, but nothing is. If you work hard and dedicate your time to my programs my guarantee is that you will leave with more knowledge, motivation, and confidence than when you came In. The ultimate goal is "Change", change in your Image, Health, and your Relationships/Dating. In order to achieve this, it is a gradual process and it takes hard work and only you can attain this through a commitment to my programs and with yourself.