Exercise is an essential part of our daily lives and here at R.M.M Lifestyle Consultants, we want to get you on the right track towards an overall healthy lifestyle. With a daily exercise routine and a proper intake of the right foods, you can reach your ultimate goal. My solid program will keep you on track with a balanced routine. Who needs to diet when working out and eating the proper foods is all it takes? 

My program includes:

  1. One on One coaching on different techniques to acquire a strong physical body.

  2. A layout of a proper meal plan that incorporates more healthy meals (Going over a descriptive meal plan to target the area/s you want to improve).

  3. Exercise sheets to target different areas of the body you need improvement on (Can consist of personal training sessions and/or can be referred to a personal trainer).

  4. Managing bad eating habits and replacing them with smarter alternatives.