What does your fashion choices say about you? Did you know the way we feel on the inside is a reflection of our outer appearance? yes, we can argue some people are very good at hiding it. Our style demonstrates our foundation of who we are, and how we view ourselves as individuals. At R.M.M Lifestyle Consultants, we want to enhance your appearance. R.M.M's styling methodology will target any style you're looking for making your transition as smooth as possible. 

My program includes: 

  1. One on One shopping targeting your style (Personal one on one shopping that keys in on your style, this can include me shopping for the client *Please refer to price sheet*).

  2. Shopping for specific events; Parties,  Dating,  Interviews, Weddings, and many more occasions.

  3. Grooming tips to keep your style fresh and modern.

  4. The Wardrobe Cleanse (Cleaning out your closet and transforming your whole wardrobe into a new style).

  5. Personal one on one session’s to discuss any changes, views, and moral support in your transition.