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R.M.M Lifestyle Consultants


 Is a consulting service that specializes in helping men and women in dating and relationships. In addition, we offer a fully customized service in Image and Fitness Consulting. 


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Robert McLean

Founder & Dating Coach


Robert is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. While working at a financial firm in 2008, a co-worker was having a difficult time in his personal life. On the verge of a breakdown, Robert decided to begin consulting him through the tough transitional stage in his life. 

Roberts' step by step approach to consulting enabled his co-worker to gain new confidence through a healthier lifestyle, an improved sense of style and personal grooming savvy, and an understanding of the overall nature of dating. Today, his co-worker is in a happy relationship. 

Roberts’ success with his co-worker sparked a new business venture aimed at assisting any individual to enhance their lifestyle through Fitness, Image, and Dating guidance. R.M.M Lifestyle Consultants helps any individual change their lifestyle by building up their confidence on the inside so it can reflect on the outside. Robert graduated with a degree in Business Management and Finance and also holds a Lifestyle Coaching Certificate. With his knowledge and experience, he is dedicated to helping any individual improve their lifestyle.

Excellent at finding what obstacles holds you back from success and works with you to overcome them.
— Joseph T., Engineer
“An awesome experience overall. Robert really made it easy for me to step out of my comfort zone.”
— Eric F., Designer
Robert is a very personal coach. He truly tries to understand customer’s needs to improve on. Robert starts by assessing current situation and provides good set of critical feedback. His sessions are intensive and interesting to participate in. Every time it’s like a small story where you are the main hero. I personally felt the boost in confidence and extra energy when I’m with him or his co-workers. He is very responsible about following up and setting up next sessions. It’s my pleasure to be part of R.M.M Lifestyle ;-)
— Gleb K., Engineer
“Ok so Robert is amazing. Within the first session, he woke up my awareness to my strengths. Then, on the first night out into the playing grounds, he and one of his consultants forged new distinctions that i wasn’t aware I was doing. Through those connections, in that same night, I spoke to a lot of women. And during the following week, I find myself grounded and clear in talking with women. To the point where I have made friends and gotten two dates. AND IT’S NOT EVEN THE 2ND SESSION YET.

So if that’s not proof of Robert’s skills, then you need to see him for yourself. Now mind you, your results may not mine. And that’s not the point, but you WILL see results quickly if you put your effort into it.

I give my full 5 stars to Robert and look forward to continuing learning how to be the 1%.”
— Brian E., Actor

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